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  • Themed Fly Boxes

    Put together with specific kinds of fishing in mind, this group of fly boxes are ready to be fished, and come with free shipping

    Themed Fly Boxes 
  • Dry Flies

    When the weather warms up, it's dry fly time! Select one of these popular patterns to match the hatch, or induce strikes with an attractor pattern

    Dry Flies 
  • Chubby Chernobyls

    One of the most popular dry flies, the Chubby Chernobyl can be fished by itself or paired with nymphs

    Chubby Chernobyls 
  • Nymphs

    Subsurface nymph patterns can be fished alone or paired with dry flies

  • Squirmies

    Made with tungsten beads, these Squirmies get down to the fish fast, and provide lifelike movement in the water

  • Egg Patterns

    Made with tungsten beads, these egg patterns sink quickly. Choose your preference of color and start fishing

    Egg Patterns 
  • Pat's Stoneflies

    Arguably, the most popular of the Stonefly patterns, these Pat's rubber leg stoneflies are made with tungsten beads and provide movement in the water with their flexible legs

    Pat's Stoneflies 
  • North Branch Caddis

    Named after a branch of the Au Sable River that runs through the heart of Michigan, these Caddis patterns work particularly well during a hatch

    North Branch Caddis 
  • Merchandise

    Fly Pattern Hats, T-shirts, and more. Choose your favorite colors and styles and show off your interest in fly fishing

  • Stickers

    Choose your favorite fly pattern stickers from this collection

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